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About Connecting Community in Ada

The Connecting Community Campaign was created as a community fundraising effort for enhanced green space and recreational amenities in the heart of Ada Village. Another great addition to Ada and the community that has been built around it.

Ada Township is a public entity and under federal tax law is treated like a nonprofit 501(c)3. Your gift is tax deductible to the full extent of federal and state tax laws.

The community started to focus on a new vision for the Thornapple River corridor that runs through the heart of Ada Township. There were a lot of individual projects that collectively provided a much larger vision for the community. Those projects included improving Leonard Field Park, safe crosswalks on Thornapple River Drive, trail connections throughout Ada Village, a safe way for pedestrians and bicyclists to cross the bridge, repairs to the historic covered bridge, improvements to the land adjacent to Legacy Park, and safe access to the river from Legacy Park. These improvements will have the opportunity to come to life because of a generous donor contribution that allowed Ada Township to purchase the properties on River Street along the Thornapple River. This contribution brought a new vision into place for a beautiful new park with the covered bridge as a focus point.

Why Now, Why a Park?

“People say your neighbor is the closest family you have, we feel that way in Ada. The environment and how welcoming people have been, we interact just like family. It’s a big community that continues to grow.”


From a community member: 

“As a business owner in Ada, I believe that a new park is not just about providing green space; it’s about nurturing the heart of our community. Parks bring people together, promote a healthy lifestyle, and create a sense of belonging. It will be a place for families, friends and neighbors to connect, relax and rejuvenate."


From a business owner:

"A community park is essential because it fosters a stronger, happier, and more prosperous community, which in turn supports local businesses."


From a business owner: 

“The community is the foundation to success and a park like this highlights on the community focus here in Ada Village. This park will be a great addition.”


From a community member:

Featured Projects

Meet the Honorary Chairs and Co-Chairs

Cheri DeVos

Honorary Chair

Steve and Amy Van Andel

Honorary Chair

Loren and Kelly Crandell

Co- Chairs

Josh and Leslie Hulst


Betty Jo Crosby

Randy Damstra

Julie Duisterhof

Ryan Formsma

Jeremy & Amanda Frost

Jon & Raquel Goossens

Shane & Ann Hansen

Paul & Rosemary Heule

Dan Hurwitz

Margaret Idema

Campaign Cabinet Members

Justin & April Knapp

Tom Korth

Matt & Hilary Lapham

Bill & Jillane Payne

Brad & Molly Rottschafer

Joe & Val Schmieder

Tim & Barbie Schowalter

Ben & Jenna Sietsema

Jerry & Marcy Tubergen

John & Amanda Wheeler

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